Application of Cheechy

Players who wish to apply should check information on how to do so here.
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Application of Cheechy

Post by Cheechy » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:37 pm

Do you understand the rules and conditions for joining Darkwind and what is expected of you to pass your Trial?

What is your first name: Andy
Age (Understand you need to be 18+ to join): 46
Timezone and country: London timezone / UK

Character(s) name

Character(s) information
Cheechy is my main, which is more or less a re-created copy from my rogue back in Vanilla days. So I'd love to raid with you guys on my main, which is a lvl 60 Rogue, combat swords. Attuned to all, downed all bosses in game, multiple times. Still happy to learn and try new things though. I'd hopefully be bringing an above average rogue with intent to further improve and have fun doing so! I also have a lvl 60 Druid which I play as an Off-Tank.
I think it's also important to note that I come prepared to all raids (Multiple pots, food, world buffs and look up info for anything new!)

Why do you want to join Darkwind and why should we accept you?
2 reasons. Firstly, you tick all the boxes for what I'm after - A good guild where friendships can be made and progress will be done in-game. Hopefully a guild where people will want to help out each other and log on to just have fun at times. Second, my IRL friend who got me into Wow many many moons ago, I'd like to carry on playing with in-game and has also just applied to join you (Wildsnuggles)

Considering our raid schedule, how often do you plan to raid and what days?
I'd hopefully plan to raid with you everytime there's a spot available. I'd be signing up to all raids available and hope to be running ZG a couple of times a week when that's available.

What raiding experience do you have?
From Vanilla days, I used to play daily pretty much upto pandaria release. This includes completing all raids available (Hard mode too) upto Pandaria. Currently completed everything in classic (With the guild Crimson) and have some knowledge of Naxx from Vanilla but Naxx was only fully completed in WotLK for myself.

Do you know anyone in Darkwind that can vouch for you and your skills?
Sadly not yet. I've dealt with Mady a couple of times for enchants. People I've come across seem friendly though and hoping I'd be a good fit for that :)

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Re: Application of Cheechy

Post by Loktharr » Mon Apr 06, 2020 7:44 pm

Hey Cheechy.
Thanks for your application, I will discuss it with our officer team and I will come back to it asap.
You can always contact me (Loktharr) in-game for more info.

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