application of moorashi

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application of moorashi

Post by moorashi » Thu May 21, 2020 7:23 pm

Do you understand the rules and conditions for joining Darkwind and what is expected of you to pass your Trial?
i understand the rules and what is expected

What is your first name: Christoffer
Age (Understand you need to be 18+ to join): 20 years
Timezone and country: central european time zone. Denmark

Character(s) name

Character(s) information
I am a level 59 (almost 60) enchancement shaman currently gearing towards pre-raid BiS

Why do you want to join Darkwind and why should we accept you?
My friend has convinced me to try classic raiding

Considering our raid schedule, how often do you plan to raid and what days?
currently i have access to all days of the week. my schedule may change after summer but not likely

What raiding experience do you have?
i have been a main tank in retail for at couple of months with many successful runs

Do you know anyone in Darkwind that can vouch for you and your skills?
Samirch knows me IRL

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