!! READ !! Requesting Access and applying to Everquest Rizlona

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!! READ !! Requesting Access and applying to Everquest Rizlona

Post by Kurway » Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:30 am

Darkwind Application process -- Please read before applying
Please use the name of the character you wish to apply with Darkwind to register on the forum!

About the Darkwind Gaming Community
Darkwind is a multinational Euro raiding guild with a long and successful history. Originally founded in EverQuest 19 years ago, the guild has had incarnations in many various games including - Age of Conan, Aion, P99, Rift, Vanguard, Warhammer online, World of Warcraft, Ragefire, Phinigel and now back on the Wow Classic server;

Darkwind has always endeavored to be at the cutting edge, and was for many years one of the top guilds worldwide in EverQuest, this drive to succeed lead to several worldwide first kills, in multiple games.

Application Requirements for EQ Rizlona:
• Be 16+ and mature
• Level ??

How-To Darkwind?
While you carry the Darkwind tag, your actions reflect upon the guild. Therefore, unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated, and may lead to guild removal. Action will be based on the severity of the infraction, and only once a behavior does not change after a warning has been given. Common sense and fair play apply here. These rules also apply if a race is on for raid mobs.

We are a very friendly guild, and do things the “common sense” way. We therefore run the guild with the following mindset:
• Always do what is best for the guild.
• Respect the opinion of others.
• Help others in the guild outside of raid hours.
• Have a positive attitude in general.
• Ability to listen and follow raid leader's instructions.
• Thorough knowledge of your class and the hours required to advance it as much as you can.

Raid Schedule
We raid ? times a week. Our Current Scheduled raids are on the following days:
*?? Ask on Discord

Application process
You have made the decision to apply to us. Your application post will be copied to a private section on the forum. Once there, your application will be discussed internally to determine whether you have been accepted or rejected.

If accepted than what follows is a brief interview on Discord to be certain that you know what will happen during trial. Once the interview is complete you will receive an invitation and start a trial period of 4 weeks.

There will be instances where this duration will be shortened, but it will depend on your activity and attendance as well as performing at a consistently above average level. On the opposite side, your trial may be extended if deemed necessary by the Officer team.

During your trial you should group as much as you can with Darkwind members so everyone can get to know you.

For you to pass your Trial we require:
• Level ??
• Min ??% Raid Attendance
• Respect the opinion of others, take constructive criticism well.
• Have a positive attitude towards new encounters.
• Ability to listen and follow raid leader's instructions.
• Thorough knowledge of your class.
• Discord during raids for raid instructions. You do not need to speak, but listening is required.

Leveling Applications
We will consider leveling applications, this would mean you are tagged and level within Darkwind as Trialist rank. You will need to commit to be raid worthy in level, knowledge and gear within a comfortable time frame, usually 4-6 weeks from the date you joined.

We always have members leveling alts, however you must be self motivated and enthusiastic to achieve max level and learn to raid within our environment.

You can be removed from the guild if you are considered to be leveling too slow or your playtime is not high enough to fit our play style.

Class Need of Darkwind

Note: We will always consider exceptional applicants even if their classes are closed.
If you are that player with great skills and enthusiasm for raiding then please PM one of the officers if you wish to apply as such.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to ask any of the officers using either the forum pm function or /tell in game.

Application form
If after all this you are still enthusiastic to apply to Darkwind, fill out this form: Apply for Darkwind EQ Rizlona

Best regards,
Darkwind Officer Team
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