• Saturday, 26. September 2020 14:37

Hello and welcome to the new Darkwind

Darkwind is a 19 years old multi-game, European semi-hardcore raiding guild. While originally founded in Everquest, let me get straight to the point of this post: we are starting a new chapter - hopefully the last one prior to Pantheon- Rise of the Fallen (if that ever gets released). It will be a chapter that many of us will call Home for many years to come.

We are going back to the World of Warcraft!

While we are still gathering all our members on our Discord, now is the perfect time to re-join the forces and join us in our new adventure! So if you are interested in joining us, get on the discord and get in touch with us: Discord or apply straight away in our recruitment section.

We still have a week to go until we see how strong we are going to be, but let me be clear from the beginning - this already looks brilliant. We have 80 people lined up ready to jump into World of Warcraft. Currently we are made up of mostly old Darkwind veterans, but also a couple very promising new people that we found on our way to release.

Our Goal will be to clear all classic content Blizzard/Activision is going to throw at us. While still maintaining a good game/life balance, let's see how that works out for us. We plan to raid 3 days a week.

Anyway, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the whole officer team, for creating this forum, the discord and everything that was needed to get a professional guild running like we used to run it.

And I would like to welcome all the new people that are already onboard - please make yourself home.

Now join me on the Hypetrain and get ready for the World of Warcraft!

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